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Baby Basket Quilt


Welcome to Crafts Mommy! It’s time to: ADD MORE BLOCKS FOR A BIGGER QUILT! Why not have a big bedspread, get out of your comfort zone and have fun, explore diversity and acquire new knowledge, skills and knowledge! Choose a favorite combination of 2 1/2 ″ gelatin strips for this charming quilt. It is a quick and easy project to do, even for beginners. The finished quilt is the size of the baby or lap quilt. However, it will be easy to make a quilt of any size. Add more blocks to the center of the quilt to create more rows and columns. In addition, the bedspread is wonderful in any color theme. And you can cut strips of fabric that are already in your stock.

The finished quilt, designed by Alli of Woodberry Way, is about 38 c by 50 c. You found out you are pregnant, you were surprised and told the news to the whole family. But along with all the emotions, there are also doubts: “What should I buy for my baby? Will I forget an important item?”. Baby bottle, crib, baby monitor, blanket… It’s normal to get confused among so many things and names. Therefore, having a good list in hand is essential to know what is worth buying and what should be left out. Below, check out a complete list of products to make your life easier in the nine months and especially after the baby is born.Baby Basket Quilt Pattern


We’ll give you some tips, according to each occasion, helping you with your purchase, buying things you really need and making sure you don’t miss anything (we all know that baby items are expensive).
1st Tip – Buy the clothes: before buying the clothes, see what season of the year your child will be born and think about the fabrics – the heavier ones, such as wool or thread, will be used in autumn and winter, while the light ones, such as knits cotton, are better in summer.
2nd Tip – Bedroom: always wash everything that the baby is going to use, such as clothes, sheets and towels.

3rd Tip – Baby Necessary: ​​don’t buy too many diaper packages at once, as some brands can cause allergies. It’s worth waiting for your baby to be born and having some tests done.
4th Tip – To have at home and to wash clothes: 1 bucket and 1 basin for the baby’s exclusive use, dermatologically tested fabric softener, liquid or powdered coconut soap.
5th Tip – Toys: try to complete all the trousseau before the seventh month, when the belly starts to get heavy and it becomes harder to go shopping. See how to make the baby’s trousseau online.Pregnancy is a very important and special moment in the life of a woman who awaits, with her family, the birth of a new member.


It is also a time of great agitation, of making important decisions and even indecision, especially because the future parents need to organize everything for the baby’s arrival. Precisely for this reason, it is quite common to have doubts, which range from choosing the name to choosing the trousseau and colors for the nursery! This last question is very important, since, despite many unaware, each color carries a meaning and says a lot about the desires and personality of the parents in relation to the child. THE IMPACT OF COLOR ON THE BABY – It may seem like a very simple job to choose the color of the baby’s room, right? But the hue is extremely relevant to the decoration and also to the baby’s behavior.

After all, the power of colors to influence sensations and create stimuli is truly amazing. They can influence a child’s sleep and appetite, have effects on mood, and much more. Colors are vibrating frequencies, and it is important to know that different wavelengths are picked up by the eyes in different ways. Thus, each color will also have a different influence on the body and emotions, depending on its frequency. Stronger colors, for example, have a more intense influence, whereas neutral colors, that is, softer tones, have a more subtle influence. Babies are very sensitive to events in their environment, so bright colors can be a very strong stimulus to their nervous system that is still developing. Therefore, it is best to give preference to softer colors in the baby’s room. Of course, you can have colorful objects in the bedroom decor, but the curtains, walls and bedspreads should be lightly colored.



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