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Hello my dears, Mommys here, welcome , the site that helps you make your home even more beautiful! Have you ever thought about having crochet napkins in your set table game? It guarantees a different and refined look, this is a trend that is growing more and more, since handicraft items have come back with everything. Everyone is looking for parts these days that are not entirely machine-made. The charm lies in investing in those that have at least some handcrafted detail.

As crochet is a very widespread technique, known throughout the world and which can be practiced by anyone, there is a lot of space for it in the decoration of environments and composition of trousseaus.Just as there are fabric napkins, used mainly in lunches or special dinners, there are crochet ones, which can have different colors, stitches and shapes.There are several models of crochet napkins Differently, crochet napkins can be the option for you to give an extra highlight on your meal table.


This type of napkin is indicated to be part of the table game. In other words, to accompany sousplat or placemats, cup holders, mats for pots and dishes, in addition to the napkin holder. You place a crochet napkin for each person who will sit at the table, usually attached to a napkin holder chosen according to the decorative style.Still talking about the style of decoration, there are those who think that crochet combines more with a typically artisanal, Provençal, rustic, kitsch, vintage, rustic production. Ravelry: Mable pattern by Grace Fearon

Anyway, it has a connection with environments that used handmade pieces. However, depending on what the napkin looks like, you can include it in many styles of table setting, even sophisticated ones. A gold or silver line, for example, looks amazing in a chic decor, even though it is handcrafted. Another tip is a napkin with details in gemstones or pearls. Doubts often arise about how to combine the crochet napkin with the other elements on the table. To make sure you don’t go wrong, try to combine them with plain towels, without prints, as well as the dishes in detail.


You can also make a mix of crochet pieces in this composition. There are sousplat, placemat, cup holders, as well as crochet napkin holders. Crochet stitches vary the result of your napkin Remembering that you can put your imagination to flight when creating these napkins. There are several crochet stitches to use, yielding different formats to give different highlights to the decoration. As it is crocheted, it is reusable after washing. Ideally, it should be hand washed to ensure the integrity of the piece. Putting it in the machine can sometimes cause it to pull a thread, for example.

Crochet or crochet (crochet, French) is the process of creating fabrics using the crochet hook and some continuous thread, usually wool, cotton thread, silk etc but you can also use wire, string or other innovative material..You do you know the etymology of crochet?! The word crochet is derived from the Old French crochet , a diminutive of croche , in turn, from the Germanic languages ​​croc , both meaning “hook”. to join separate pieces of lace. The word “crochet” subsequently came to describe the specific type of fabric and hook needle used to produce it.


Ravelry: Mable pattern by Grace Fearon

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