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Hello my beloveds, welcome to our blog, this is Mommy speaking. Patchwork is a form of embroidery that involves the sewing of pieces of fabric into a larger design. And this design is usually based on repeated patterns constructed from different shapes of fabric (which can be different colors). These shapes are carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shapes that make it easy to join. Although patchwork has its origins in the desire to use scraps of fabric or rework old clothes, it has evolved into an art form in many countries around the world. Some very beautiful examples of patchwork can be seen in museum collections, or in private homes, where quilts can be passed down through several generations. People are often confused about what patchwork and quilting are. Both are border techniques that allow us to create products from a variety of elements. However, in each case, different methods can be used.

So what is the difference between quilting and patchwork? Patchwork is a technique that consists of connecting multicolored or knitted fragments of fabric into a single band. Quilting, on the other hand, is the creation of a multi-layered quilted product with a decorative surface, done using different sewing techniques. Comparing the two concepts, it should be noted that patchwork as a separate technique, which uses a different technique, and quilting is a harmonious combination of various sewing techniques (the products obtained in this case have the name, i.e. quilts).

Paseo Free Pattern: Robert Kaufman Fabric Company

Learn how to use the Patchwork trend in home decoration. Patchwork mixes colors and prints gives joy and creativity to the environment. Patchwork is not only in the textile world now it is also part of decoration articles such as. Patchwork left the textile world to influence and invade the furniture trend, decoration objects, tiles, among others. The union of several fabrics, or patches, is a manual work done with the purpose of joining different prints, patterns, and colors. This is a trend that is on the rise in the world of decoration, however, it is a resource that has been used for a long time, which gives the environment a vintage, cheerful, and colorful air. There are several objects in the house that can receive the patchwork touch, all you have to do is to dose the colors and also combine the pieces with the environment and the existing decoration in the space. The mixture of this variety of colors is a good idea for those people who want to give more joy to some room in the house. They can promote from subtle and even romantic-looking changes to more radical ones.

Did you know that there is patchwork on tiles? This is a change that requires more financial and professional investment, but brings creativity to the environment. Patchwork is a work that has a lot of information, so it is more suitable for more neutral environments, without many flashy and colorful details. But don’t think that those more stripped down environments and more colorful compositions can’t have some furniture or accessory with the technique, you just need to know how to dose and combine the shades and the information already present in the room. This is a technique that also brings sustainability, because it is a resource that uses “leftover fabrics”, which results in a wealth of colors, types of fabric prints in a single object and this is what makes the patchwork accessory so unique and special, after all no one is the same as another. These are some options of furniture and accessories that can beautifully compose some environments of your home.




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