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Beauty and meaning: Learn how to include flowers in your decor! Flowers can be great allies in various spaces, but it is necessary to know the appropriate options and how best to include them in the environment. And that is exactly what we will talk about in this post! Here are ways to plan a decoration using this resource and learn some of the most suitable techniques. The use of flowers in decoration can transform any environment. In addition to giving life and helping the feeling of coziness, they also make the project much more aesthetically beautiful and can even be that finishing touch that was missing in the room.

This practice seems to be very simple, but it deserves care. Flowers, when they are not included in a strategic and well-thought-out way, can harm the look – and you don’t want to make that mistake, do you? Knowing the importance of the presence of flowers in decoration, we have created content that will help you understand the most suitable options and learn the best way to include them in the project.Choose the best flower option! Each flower has a specific meaning and can perfectly match a certain style of residence or room. We will talk a little bit about the main decorative species and give suggestions on the best environment for each of them.

  • LILIUM: The lily is another species that looks good in the living room. One nice feature is its ability to bloom even in the shade – that means it’s much easier to find a good place to put the little plant. In addition, lilies have a purifying and refreshing property. Therefore, they are a great option for warmer environments that demand a cool air – but they also work well in any other place. The most common ones are white, but they also exist in shades of yellow and red. The latter alternatives are very bright, so the choice of shade must take into account the rest of the decoration. If the intention is to stand out, go with the colored ones. If the intention is to complement an environment with subtlety, white is the right choice.
  • GREBERA: If you have never seen a gerbera in your life, we suggest you to open Google now and check out the splendid beauty of this flower. Besides being super hardy, it looks nice in any environment – just be sure to leave it near the window. It is also important to water it often, because when it dries out, the Gerbera loses its vivacity. As it is very showy, it should be placed in a discreet space, otherwise it tends to look heavy. More sober decorations – even minimalist ones – can take advantage of this flower to highlight an unusual corner.

Keep an eye out for some important tips: After you’ve made your choice, it’s time to know how to handle the flower and not let it die quickly. Keep an eye on the tips below. CUT THE FLOWER STEMS STRATEGICALLY – If you cut them at an angle of about 45 degrees, leaving the tip of the stem diagonally, the area of water absorption will be greater. As a result, the flowers stay hydrated, healthy, and have a longer life span. Another tip: put the flowers in a container with warm water and, after a few minutes, quickly move them to a vase with cold water. Let the process last twenty minutes. After this time, the buds will open much faster than usual. In the end, the result is beautiful.



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