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Elements Cal Crochet


Welcome my beloveds, here who speaks is Mommy, today we bring another super pattern for you a beautiful and incredible pattern for you to make your environment even more beautiful.Here we are happy to help those who cannot afford to buy crochet or quilt patterns, many seek free patterns to practice and make many more and more beautiful works of art. Besides making many beautiful things with our own hands, practicing this craft after many other benefits, such as improving our motor coordination, improving our memory, distracting, occupying the head finally, many other benefits. If you want to learn the pattern today, just keep reading.

Today’s pattern is crochet crafts, it is a very beautiful and well known pattern. This pattern is called Elements CAL, it is very practiced by crocheters, it has a very interesting designer, with an interwoven aspect and little 3D, enjoy that today we will leave the pattern of this beautiful work, an uplifting work, the designer who created it was very happy. This Elements pattern is the centerpiece of a beautiful work if you choose to make a quilt or a blanket for a sofa, I saw also put on a chair or the armchair is your will, exactly how you want to do. And you can work it in a wonderful way. For you have the creativity for it.


It can be a beautiful cushion cover being the front, a beautiful quilt with it in the center, blankets and also used as embellishment, that you find beautiful and matches your home, your environment where you leave your work.You can work with colors you can opt for just one color, but now you are doing many works with this pattern using two colors or more, as I left the example in the photo above. Your color lines can be separate or we can use those matching lines that already come with mixed colors and even tone-on-tone colors, so it is worth trying to work with this type of line.

Below we leave the video tutorial where the artisan who created it explains it step by step. Just go in and do it. In the video you can follow the whole process of how to do it and be able to watch and do your work at the same time, being able to pause and return when you want and have questions. This CAL Elements is unique and has a beautiful textured look. I hope you enjoy it and check out the next pattern. A kiss from Mommy and until next time.



Elements Crochet CAL with Free Pattern -

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