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Hello my beloveds, this is Mommy speaking. Today we come here to bring you a wonderful pattern, and an accessory that we use a lot. A beautiful bag. Unlike men who put everything in their pockets, women usually use purses to carry their makeup accessories, cell phones and wallets. This is because women are in the habit of carrying many things, so carrying everything in a purse is much easier.Nowadays the purse is practically an extension of a woman’s body. Nowadays, a handbag is practically an extension of a woman’s body.

A faithful holder of secrets and intimacies, it reflects the personality of its owner, from the inside, with its peculiar organizations, to the outside, which transmits a little of what she wants to appear. But it wasn’t always like this, there were times when women lived very well without them. Don’t believe it? Then join us on a journey through the history of our inseparable companions. It is not possible to say exactly when the handbag appeared, but some historical records give us the idea that it is as old as human civilization itself.Beach Tote Bag FREE sewing pattern & tutorial


In the pyramids of Egypt there are drawings showing people carrying small bags tied around their waists with cords.
The bag was born from the ancient people’s need to carry their indispensable objects, such as coins, medicine, fans, tobacco, hairbrushes, relics, prayer books, and precious stones.
A quilted purse is already a charm! But have you ever thought about a quilting purse? Even if you don’t believe it, yes, it is possible!

Do you think it is difficult? On the contrary, you will quickly learn how to get this idea off the drawing board! This is a bag with total emphasis on quilting, with that wholecloth quilt look, only to be worn and paraded around! By the way, it is important to highlight a detail that is often asked: what types of quilting thread do we use?


Although these are pieces with total emphasis on quilting and this enables us to Use and Abuse with Special Threads, we preferred to stay with the Trilobal Line to be as accessible as possible for quilters of all levels!
We will present here a beautiful and creative step by step where we will construct a beautiful bag for you to use. We always want to bring different patterns for you, and we want to bring news here so that you can always come back. So stay here with this beautiful quilting bag, the link to the step by step instructions is here below.


Beach Tote Bag FREE sewing pattern & tutorial

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