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Double Annelight Quilt


Hello beloved, here who speaks is mommy, it is a joy to be able to talk to you once again and bring a beautiful pattern to share with people who love crafts, I hope everything is going well. It is always great to learn and I don’t give up, because we always find projects, craft patterns that are wonderful. For this reason, I want to share this beautiful double wedding ring quilt. I love receiving images and patterns from our partners because they always inspire new ideas for new projects. Let’s talk about this beautiful double wedding ring quilt and show step by step how it can look wonderful and very elegant, and very beautiful.

But first let’s talk a little bit before we talk about our quilt, let’s talk about wedding: Marriage is one of a bond of love. A bond that should be as light as a hug, not tight as a knot, but firm enough not to fall apart in the wind. Marriage should be made of love, respect and admiration. It should survive the end of passion, storms, and any kind of temptation. In a marriage there should be dialogue, not argument. The important thing is not to know who is right, but to find a consensus. In a marriage, both parties must learn to give in. If only one gives in, without receiving anything in return, frustration sets in and bitterness can begin to grow. The hurts and sorrows that arise must not be kept, they must become words, whether they are written or spoken. Words that are muted become resentment. And there is nothing better to end love than a memory chest full of bitterness. Marriage should be a happy and spontaneous commitment. Not a heavy burden, an obligation. In marriage there should be togetherness, because when two people come together it is to row in the same direction.
Let’s now talk about this beautiful quilt : This kind of sewing is the trend in the market, and it has been a source of income for many families as well, a passage of time and therapy to relax the body.


The double wedding ring quilt is a delight, and the colors further enhance the design. For those who have a little more creativity, ideas can emerge bringing joy to the whole house and especially to the room where the quilt will be decorated. I believe it is one of the most beautiful patchwork quilts, and it is also a beautiful gift for happily married couples who want to make their home even more beautiful.

The details of the double wedding ring quilt resemble the vows that were made on the day of the wedding ceremony. It is a super creative idea that we believe you will love.
See below for the pattern and photos so you can make your newest project and feel very accomplished. It’s simple, but still a pleasure to work with. With very little you will surely make your decoration more beautiful for gift or for yourself. Start your dream and be happy. We leave here for you a beautiful step by step that you can share with your loved ones.A kiss from Mommy, until next time.



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