Quilt Pattern

Interlaced Quilt Pattern


Have you ever heard the expression “your home is a reflection of your interior”? It’s true: the act of decorating goes far beyond just beautifying the environment. In fact, it represents the materialization of your personality in the space. It is a way of appropriating it and saying: “it’s yours! Why is decorating important to us? It all started when our ancestors understood the importance of having a protected space. Caves provided safety from predators, night shelter, and food storage.

Only after this did men began to erect their habitat: he understood that by transforming his refuge, he takes possession of this place. Decorating is an element of ancestral survival, a biophilic matter, as Edward O. Wilson would say. In other words, in Dionne Warwick’s song, “A house is not a home.A house only becomes a home when the built space is inhabited and personified by its occupants. The natural process of territorial domination occurs through the way in which the individual composes his or her private space, through the colors, furniture, and objects chosen to make the dream of living a reality.


Who doesn’t want to live in a charming, cozy, and comfortable environment? Believe me, you don’t need to have lots of money or extravagant ideas. With simple tips that fit in your pocket, it is possible to set up a practical decoration and transform your home into the cozy place you have always dreamed of! First of all, it is important to clarify: a good decoration goes far beyond beauty.Interlaced Quilt Setting Tutorial - In Color Order

Of course it can be nice to have designer furniture, pieces with reference design, and one thing matching the other. But all this charm can go down the drain if the room is not functional. So pay attention to the following aspects: aesthetics, comfort, functionality, and especially your well-being. After all, there is nothing better than feeling good in your space, isn’t there?


Geometric figures in decoration: a trend for coverings. From classic to stripped down. The use of geometric figures in decoration is a proposal that transits through the most different styles, adapting to environments that follow a traditional, retro, or even bold and cool proposal. This trend also returns from time to time in wall coverings. A success in the 20’s and 60’s, geometric patterns are back with everything in architecture and interior design. For this reason, today it is possible to find modern and elegant floors and tiles printed with geometric patterns. Do you want to know how to use them and give a modern touch to your environments? Then find out more about this trend and get to know some usage suggestions to make your decoration look great.


Interlaced Quilt Setting Tutorial - In Color Order

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