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Wild Flowers Quilt Pattern


Hello my beloveds welcome to our Crafts of the Mommy. What a joy to have you here! Guys today the pattern we brought you is a beautiful Wild Flowers Quilt, which we are sure you will love and will serve you very well with this bedspread. Guys we are really dedicating ourselves daily so that you develop your skills and stay at home protected during all this process that we have faced around the world with beautiful quilt patterns.

This colorful, flower-shaped bedspread made of squares is extremely beautiful and very comfortable for this bedspread, as well as being a versatile piece. They are models that you can use and abuse creativity to make, after all, you can give the touch you want to achieve the expected result of this beautiful bedspread.Guys below you will find the link to this beautiful pattern in PDF of this beautiful Wild Flowers Quilt, a mixture of bright colors that I really liked and that I brought as a model for you to use in your daily life and also the standard step without iron in all sizes to make a beautiful quilt.


Let’s talk a bit about why we love to use flower symbolism in our quilts ? The symbolism of the flower is one of the oldest and most profound in all of mankind. It symbolizes beauty, perfection, love, glory, and joy, but also surrender to God, spiritual evolution, and the soul itself. The flower is also a feminine symbol, linked to the element of water, to the planet Moon, and, consequently, to creation, fertility, and birth.

Regardless of each flower’s own meaning, flowers in general and in their essence are a passive and receptive symbol, often in the form of a bowl that collects dew and rain, like manas from heaven. In the Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana, the flower is a symbol of inner development, but also represents, taken as a whole in the flower arrangement, the structure of the universe, with the highest flowers representing Heaven, the middle flowers corresponding to Man, and the lowest to Earth. Ikebana can also translate feelings or the ancient traditions and teachings of the ancestors.


Among the Aztecs, flowers had their symbol and history associated with the myths of the gods and creation. In Christianity, the flower was a symbol of spiritual perfection of the soul, somehow representing paradise and childhood. In the Eastern Tantric and Taoist philosophies, the golden flower is the result of the work of inner evolution. Also in the East, the lotus flower is perhaps the most symbolic flower comparable in its importance and presence to the fleur de lis in the West, as both emerge from watery soils, are associated with water and the moon.

The lotus flower, which was already represented by the Egyptians, is the symbol of femininity, both in sexual terms and in fertilization and birth. The name golden lotus was the highest compliment a courtesan of China could have. Emerging from the swamps in all its beauty, perfection, and splendor, the lotus flower is also synonymous with purity. When associated with mysticism and religion, the lotus is a symbol of evolution and spiritual growth. In Buddhism it represents the nature of Buddha, who is seated on it as on a throne.We love flowers, which is why we use them in our quilts. May you be inspired by this pattern and make beautiful ones. A kiss from Mommy until next time.

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