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Stitch Club Pocket Granny Crochet Scarf


It’s impossible not to love the crochet scarf! Everyone has at least one in their closet and usually remembers it on those colder days. But did you know that it is a super fashion accessory, which can make you much more stylish? Besides warming up the body, it gives an extra charm to your look. Come with us to find out all about it! The scarf is a very charming and super old fashion accessory, which started to be worn in ancient Rome. It really became a fashion accessory in the early 19th century, for both men and women.

The word has a French origin: “cacher” means to hide or conceal, and “col” means lap or neck. If you love to vary the accessories when it comes time to put together your look, know that there is a huge variety of crochet scarf models, with different stitches, thread types, and styles, you will have fun choosing (or making) yours!Let’s face it, a scarf is a very stylish piece of clothing, isn’t it? Whether it’s a common scarf, a crochet scarf, a pashmina scarf, it doesn’t matter, when we see one soon our imagination is transported to the icy European countries where it is very common to use this kind of piece, which is not only for decorating the lap.


Being an item to call attention, but to really warm up, depending on the material the scarf is made of. For example, the crochet scarf is not the most suitable for very cold days, because it is not the version that warms you the most. This, by the way, is one of the characteristics that distinguishes it from the knitting model, which many people confuse thinking they are the same thing, but they are not, the knitting version has thicker threads and warms up more. The fact that the crochet scarf is not as warm as other models may explain why it is so successful in Brazil, which even in winter doesn’t even come close to the cold of countries that have to deal with snow. Considering that there is no, or no longer exists, the culture of wearing a hat to protect oneself from the coldest temperatures, the crochet scarf must have occupied this space.

And as pointed out at the beginning, it is a very stylish piece, linked to elements of glamour and sophistication, it was established in Europe, used since the Roman Empire, which certainly contributed to its popularization in Brazilian lands. And it’s not only with knitting that people confuse the crochet scarf, people also confuse it with scarves and handkerchiefs. They are usually associated as if they were the same product, but they are not. Scarves are more appropriate for cold weather because they are bigger and bulkier, unlike scarves and handkerchiefs, which are smaller.


And what does scarf mean? Scarf comes from the French “casher” and means “to hide”, while “col” means “lap”. Which makes perfect sense, to hide the lap, the bust, because it is a larger and bulkier piece. The types of crochet scarf, there are several models and ways to use the crochet scarf. If you are looking for tips to get the look right with this piece or want to know the models that are more like you, you have come to the right place.

Fancy crochet scarf – This is the most classic and light version of the crochet scarf. There are models with one, two, or three colors. There are styles that cover the entire neck and lap, with several flowers connected to each other, and models that resemble an exotic, floral necklace.

Other models worth mentioning are:

  • Pocket Scarf;
  • Tie scarf;
  • Striped scarf.



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