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Hanging Gardens Quilt Pattern


Your home environment says it all, know what the word decoration means! Decoration is an art, a gift. Ornament, as the dictionary says, is the act of adorning, beautifying, decorating, decorating, or decorating. It is to make something more beautiful and harmonious. Decorating the environment is also a gesture of love. It embodies where you live, it puts your style where you live.

It is very gratifying to “see” yourself in the decoration environment at home, whether at home or in an apartment, the decoration environment makes any place more “tasteful”.It doesn’t matter the style: the decoration of the environment can be thematic, disrespectful, or follow an established decoration style: clean, retro, romantic, shabby chic, rustic, classic, or modern, it’s important that the decoration of the environment comes out your home, your “Face”.


Decorating the environment doesn’t have to depend on how much money you have.It depends on creativity. Nowadays, the Internet makes it easy to decorate your home with little money, with thousands of tutorials and videos that teach “Do it yourself”, “More with Less”, or “DIY” style decoration, which take advantage of recycled materials or give new uses to everyday objects, turning ordinary spaces into beautifully decorated environments.Hot Dogs for Hot Dawgs this weekend!

What is the importance of decoration for quality of life? Do decoration and quality of life have something in common? Perhaps there are still people who think that decoration is a superfluous matter, that it only serves to “beautify” the environments. Follow this tip from Quartinhos Adesivos e Papeis de Parede.Decoration is much more important than that! Decoration projects provide a greater sense of well-being in an environment, increase the quality of life and allow spaces to be better used, among other benefits.It all depends on the good quality of the project.


Read on below for the aspects that make decoration an important work to increase the quality of life, both at home and at the workplace. Design: much more than a beautiful environment – A well-decorated environment is not just a beautiful environment. Good decoration brings harmony and balance among its various elements. Whoever decorates an environment does a design job, which, when well done, provides a pleasant harmony to our senses.This is where the feeling of well-being arises in these environments. Comfort and practicality to users – A well-decorated environment is also a comfortable and practical environment. It would be useless to create a beautiful design if the users didn’t feel comfortable in the place.

For this reason, good decoration takes into account elements such as the size of the objects, their proportions, the minimum space required for comfort, shapes, textures, coatings, colors, fabrics, lighting, among others. Everything for the decoration to have only one objective: to provide well-being.Environments that transmit sensations – Decoration is a work to “feed the senses”. According to its creation, it will transmit different sensations to those who are in the environment. The decoration can transmit, for example, sensations such as coziness, conviviality, productivity, leisure, etc. And you can change all this if you want to transmit another feeling to that space. All you have to do is change the decoration project.

It all depends on the elements chosen and their characteristics. Well-being and health – Good decoration also takes into account the requirements necessary for people’s comfort and health. When choosing a sofa or a chair, for example, it is necessary to take into account the size and weight of the people who will use them on a daily basis. Bad seats can cause muscle pain, back pain, etc. The choice of lighting, in turn, takes into account the purpose of the place and its minimum lighting requirements: to generate productivity, rest, work, etc. For each situation there is a minimum amount required. A poorly lit space can cause vision problems. Therefore, a well-done decoration job also provides well-being and health.


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