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Sophie Loves Lilla Bjorn Crochet Blanket


Hello my beloveds, what a joy it is to be able to talk to you here once again. Today we are going to talk about a beautiful and creative pattern. And let’s talk about crochet. The word crochet is derived from Old French crochet, a diminutive of croche, in turn, from the Germanic languages croc, both meaning “hook”. The word “crochet” subsequently came to describe the specific type of fabric and the hook needle used to produce it.Crochet work usually begins after a sequence of stitches called a chain stitch which are counted, the number of stitches can be set numbers, even or odd numbers, or multiples of specific numbers to obtain the motif, pattern or finished piece. During the making process, increases and decreases can be made in order to shape the shape of the work.

Circular pieces, such as round towels, baskets, hats, are started from the center evolving outward and then upward if you want to form a tube; whereas the initially tubular piece is worked on a sequence of chains joined at the end, forming a circle and then worked from bottom to top, thus forming the tube, in both types of piece, circular or tubular, the work is made only on the right side of the crochet fabric.Linear pieces, such as bands and bars, are worked from the sequence of chains and then at the end of the career the work is turned to the reverse side, linear work has alternating rows of right and reverse. this work evolves from bottom to top, it is started from the bottom.


Knitting can be done by machine, while many crochet stitches can only be created by hand. The height of the knitting stitch is different: a single crochet stitch is twice the height of a knitting stitch, in the same size of yarn and tools of comparable diameter, and a double crochet high stitch is about four times the height of a knitting stitch.Each person performs handwork differently, in crochet this can mean variation in tension, stitches closer together or more widely spaced, in both cases resulting in pieces of varying sizes, too large or too small, even if using the same needles and yarns, this variation in performing work that needs a specific final size can be solved by making samples before starting the final work.

The swatch is an important aid when making crochet work that needs a defined size, such as garments, upholstery covers, etc. The swatch allows you to know the number of stitches (width) and rows (height) per centimeter (or other measurement) in a crochet pattern. If the swatch does not match the measurements that accompany the chart or recipe, the work may be too small or too large for its purpose.


The swatch is usually a small square with the pattern you want to reproduce in the work.Now that we know a little about crochet, let’s talk about the pattern I bring. Its name is Sophie Loves Bjorn Winter, it is a design of a quilt or blanket as you want to call it, created by Emma Aldous. I love blankets and quilts, I think it changes the atmosphere making it cozier and more original. A work made with your hands is always more special than bought.

I love all kinds of blankets, from the simplest to the most detailed, everything to be made is a matter of dedication and practice.They can be made in endless shapes and various color combinations, so you can create endless quilts that will not repeat colors and there are many quilt patterns, I always love them. They are always welcome in every color and every season.

This quilt is amazing in every detail. Making these quilts is great for everyone who likes to always change their quilt, having several of many colors. This blanket is great to give as a gift to someone, because they will enjoy it and hard blanket for years to come, something made by yourself, with your hands, thus making the gift even more special. And you will love it. We’ll bring you the step by step right below. A kiss from Mommy and until next time.


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