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Evergrowing Mandala Quilt


Hello beloveds, this is Mommy speaking. Today we have brought you a super creative and different quilt pattern. The Evergrowing Mandala Quilt. This pattern brings in its design the Mandala beautiful symbol to put. Let’s talk a little about it.My quilter, do you know what a Mandala is? A mandala is a kind of yantra (instrument, medium, emblem) which in several languages of the Hindustani peninsula means circle.

Strictly speaking, mandalas are ritual geometric diagrams: some of them correspond concretely to a certain divine attribute and others are the manifestation of a certain form of incantation (mantra).Their antiquity dates back at least to the 8th century BC and they are used as instruments of concentration and to reach higher states of meditation (especially in Tibet and Japanese Buddhism). For a long time, the mandala has been used as an artistic and religious expression, through cave paintings, in the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang, in Indian yantras,


Tibetan thangkas, in indigenous healing rituals and art, and in sacred art of several centuries.In Buddhism, the mandala is a type of diagram that symbolizes a sacred mansion, the palace of a deity.Generally, mandalas are painted as thangkas and depicted on wood or metal or built with colored sand on a platform. Evergrowing Mandala Quilt - Free Pattern (Quilting Land) in 2022 | Quilts, Quilt patterns, Free pattern

When the mandala is made with sand, soon after some ceremonies, the sand is thrown into a river, so that the blessings will spread.Carl Jung describes mandalas as ideal representative pictures or ideal personifications that manifest themselves in psychotherapy, interpreting them as symbols of the personality in the process of individuation. This is very cool.Now let’s talk about the pattern, below we have some information about it: This pattern is a work of art and you will love making it.


• Place BACKING FABRIC on a large surface
wrong side up. Stretch it with masking tape
against that surface.
• Place BATTING on top of backing fabric.
• Place TOP on top of the batting with right side
facing up. Smooth away wrinkles using your
• Pin all layers together and baste with basting
thread, using long stitches. You can also use
safety pins to join the layers.
• Machine or hand quilt starting at the center and
working towards the corners. Remember that
quilting motifs are a matter of personal preference. Have fun choosing yours!
• After you finished, trim excess of any fabric or
batting, squaring the quilt to proceed to bind it.

For the making of this pattern we will make available the PDF so that you can make it. It can be placed in any environment, which will be a highlight at the time. So that’s it, good work to you and see you next time, kisses from Mommy.


Evergrowing Mandala Quilt (Quilting Land) | Quilt patterns free, Quilt patterns, Quilts

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