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Fold’n Stitch Wreath Quilt Pattern


Hello my beloveds, here who speaks is Mommy, what a joy to once again be here with you. Let’s talk a little bit my beloveds. I have received many comments here on the site of praise, about our materials, our site and also asking for new patterns, new tips, when would I post more. In one week, there were over 100 comments, thank you all.I am very happy about this and I promise I will be back with everything and every week I will post new patterns here for you, I will research a lot of cool stuff and bring it all here for free, I am happy when people tell me they have patterns they wanted so much here, they found it here and that makes me happy and gives me the greatest joy to do it.

Save our site in your favorites that you will have many beautiful things, so come on, today I bring a beautiful pattern for quilts.Today’s pattern will be quilted, a beautiful craft made from sewing, you can take advantage of the fabrics you have at home, or buy one of your favorite colors and also a plain or textured one that looks nice too. The name of today’s pattern is Fold’n Stitch Wreath, created by Poorhouse Quilt, quick and easy to make, it is a very useful, pretty and fun pattern to make because of its origami folds. It may seem difficult to look at the end result, but it is an easy pattern to make, and is an opportunity for beginners to make this beautiful pattern.


It is widely used as a centerpiece ornament, as a door or wall ornament, and that can be used at Christmas time, making those beautiful wreaths that are used on doors or on the tree. You can also use it at Easter as a centerpiece and decorate it with an egg in the middle, my friend has done it and it was really beautiful, she played with her daughter to hunt for the eggs and she loved it, a great tip for everyone.
As shown in the photo above, you can do normal without any embellishments, but if you want you can do something more original, like putting a ribbon, a bow, beads or something to decorate as you prefer.Fold N' Stitch Wreath - Quilt Haven on Main

Choose the color of the fabric to match your decoration or strong colors for Christmas looks nice. At the end of the post I will leave a picture of the wreath with a ribbon to see how it looks.The pattern is basically made of sewn fabric squares, so you don’t have to be of the advanced level to make it perfect. Even more making our own Christmas decoration is a very satisfying thing, good for us. Pack everything up to welcome family members on this special date.


I like to choose fabric colors with strong colors and also if it is something for babies, I like to do light and clear colors.This pattern with various types and colors of fabrics, warm colors, cold colors, light colors and even fabrics decorated like children with animals or also with fabrics of flowers and leaves made of fabric to decorate. As I always say, imagination counts for a lot when it comes to producing something.Here the video tutorial of the pattern below, I appreciate every detail and will come back to the video to watch more often and answer questions. Good job everyone and until the next pattern. Follow the step by step and make a beautiful pattern for yourselves! Until next time my beloveds.



Fold 'n Stitch Wreath for Your Door or Table - Quilting Digest

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