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Hexometry Quilt Pattern


Have you ever thought of using geometry in your home decor? Well, this is an excellent option for those who want to modernize environments, bring more originality to spaces and even more sophistication. More than just a hair-raising mathematics subject during school, geometry shows that it has its value not only when we analyze and calculate the properties of shapes, but, in practice, it is present in simple clothing prints to decorative accessories in the living room.

Considered by historians as one of the oldest artistic manifestations – after all, prehistoric men already decorated their caves with geometric shapes – this style has been reformulated and still is, sometimes bringing with it cultural aspects of a country or an entire artistic movement. So, for those who want to adopt geometry in decoration, the ideas are a full plate… of shapes and many inspirations! Geometric shapes can be a reference point when planning and creating an architecture and decoration project. They are lines, squares, circles, hexagons, triangles, and different figures that express a tone of modernity and personality in the environment, contrasting with the harmonic sequence of the space.


A trend from cave times, literally, because since the Stone Age people have been drawing these patterns on the walls. Remembering that today everything must be considered as a geometric inspiration, the shape of objects, furniture, and the rooms themselves. Mathematics is present in everyday life in different ways that can result in strong symmetries. The patterns also highlight the effects of perspective and depth in the environments, being observed from graphic geometry to those that make reference to natural elements such as leaves, shells, stars, among others. Two trends that brought this trend in the early 20th century were: the Bauhaus school and art deco. Reinforcing this proposal, minimalism creates the aesthetic that less is more.

Geometry in decoration is nothing more than an appropriation of these shapes to create modern environments and, why not, even with artistic touches based on the main cultural movements. Thus, not only rectangles and squares, but also triangles, hexagons, polygons, and other shapes are present both on walls and decorative objects. But how to mix the shapes? Do I have a free pass to mix everything? Let’s just say that with common sense and good inspirations, it is possible to apply geometry in decoration with harmony. Another detail: the shapes can be adapted to the most different decorative styles and color combinations.


For example: for a more neutral décor, a nice idea is to bet on minimalism, listing a few tones and geometric objects. On the other hand, if the idea is to create a more stripped-down space, invest in colorful, mixed forms, and even irreverent furniture.Think about the proposal you want to follow: A good idea to start using geometry in decoration is to start thinking about the style you want to follow. After all, having this in mind will make you look for geometric patterns that match the look you want for your home. In addition, it can direct you in the best way to apply them.

For example, a neutral decoration, following a minimalist style, calls for the moderate use of different tones. Therefore, in this case, rather than investing in patterns, it is necessary to acquire some geometric objects to compose the spaces. The use of straight lines will also help convey a clean aesthetic, as well as bring a modern look to the place. The classic combinations, such as black and white, help to bring more sophistication and never go out of fashion. Still within the modern approach, a good tip is to choose geometric models that are not within the traditional patterns. Thus, instead of opting for a pattern with squares you can choose to innovate using triangles or rhombuses. If your goal is to make the decoration more stripped down, it’s best to invest in colors, including vibrant shades and also in different patterns.



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