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Lattice Baby Quilt Pattern


Nurturing your child’s creative side can be just as important as playing outdoors and reading with them – it turns out that crafts for children have just as many benefits as such activities. Creative projects help develop your child’s sensory side, imagination, and motor skills (both subtle and manual). And let’s face it, we don’t even need to mention the pride they take in creating something with their own hands.

Many of our customers give gifts to their little ones with fabric crafts! And in this post we will give some tips for the kids to make the most of the Children’s Day with crafts! But before anything else, we want to share with you a sad reality that we have identified: many people, when receiving a gift of a handicraft, don’t like and despise the gift, be it a bag, quilt, blanket, American game, necessaire, whatever it is… the person disdains and doesn’t use it!


But an important thing that we must ask ourselves is the following: Are we teaching people to appreciate textile craftsmanship? Well, of course, the giftees have been enlightened about the lead time, cost of materials, and learning the technique. Isn’t it! One thing we realize is that this is not a characteristic in Brazil, in several virtual Quilting communities we participate (Canada, United States, Australia, England, etc.) we noticed similar stories!

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So I ask you: how much do the little ones who live with you learn about the real value of things? We are not here to say that the upbringing of children is right or wrong. That is beside the point and is none of our business! Are we teaching the children that for a notebook to be good, it must have a certified origin, well attached and resistant pages, and maybe even a hard cover? Or if the child asks for “Pepa Pig or Cars”, do we say: “Okay, it’s really pretty, you can have it”? When it comes to education it is necessary to take care of the smallest details!


We need to think about the message it is taking into the head! Because children are learning all the time. Shouldn’t we be too?! So EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is a lesson! With that in mind, we thought of doing this post with tips for an awesome kids day with crafts! Maybe we should invest more time not only in our hobby or textile profession, but also in education!

Not only of the people around us, but in our own perception of crafts! I wonder if you have ever said to someone like this: “I made it myself, yes. Look at this defect! “I’m going to give this purse here that I made as a gift, it’s cheaper than a bought one! Even to your friends who are fiddly?! There you have it: we, artisans, are educating the people around us that our handicrafts have no value – neither commercial nor sentimental! Who knows, maybe this Children’s Day you can make a different kind of program? Instead of burying your little ones with more and more plastic, maybe you can make a textile piece together? It can be a case to take to school, a mini mattress for the pet, a backpack… Share the time with the child and show him the work, the details, make him participate! Who knows, maybe next time you give a gift of handicrafts the message will be: “I give you in this gift the most precious commodity in life: time!”.


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