Quilt Pattern

Deb’s Binding Tool Star Quilt


Patchwork and handicrafts are an economical, creative, and noble way to make that item you are in need of. With EVA, for example, you can make flower arrangements, baby shoes, fake cakes for party decoration, and children’s costumes. Among the other materials available at Jeov√° Couros for creative work, we have spaghetti for chairs, TNT, synthetic straw, acrylic blanket, Velcro fasteners, and adhesive and contact glues. By definition, this is a manual technique used to produce objects made from natural raw material. The handicraft is usually made in the family, inside the home, or in a small workshop.

It dates back to the Neolithic period, when early humans polished stones to make weapons and objects for hunting and fishing, pottery to store food, and weaving to make hammocks, clothing, and quilts. If you’ve ever worked with handicrafts or do-it-yourself (DIY) activities; you’ve probably realized that handicrafts are definitely a cheap and fun way to acquire various objects and pieces that, if bought in stores, would cost a lot more. But besides all this, it’s important to point out that there are other benefits of handicrafts for your life. But handicrafts are not only a way to save money and obtain unique pieces. Because it is an activity that involves the development of specific and often unknown skills, this practice can also become a kind of occupational therapy for those who have it as a routine.


Benefits of handicrafts for your life: Handicraft, besides being a job; is also a hobby or pastime that many people have today. But what many don’t know is that this activity is extremely beneficial to the body and mind. It acts on the brain as a way to pause your usual routines, including as a form of introspection to improve emotional health. Many people of all ages spend much of their time doing craft activities. These activities help our bodies feel relaxed and comfort our artistic spirit. Handwork helps you to have good mental health and contributes to your well-being; it also actively stimulates your brain. It also encourages reflection and meditation because it sparks your imagination and allows you to explore unknown corners of your mind.binding tool star quilt pattern free Offers online OFF50%

  1. Good for the hands and the brain! – Crafts allow you to work on your manual skills, and with that, your sense of personal “reward” becomes greater. In contrast, when you simply buy a ready-made product; this feeling is less intense and lasting.
  2. Discover new sources of income – Some people become so fond of DIY that they see it as a possible source of income. In an increasingly industrialized world, everything that has a “human” touch gains a differentiated value. If you specialize in an activity, you can even complement your income through it.
  3. Details become very important – From the moment you start to dedicate yourself to manual work, the small details become more important; and you become capable of strongly valuing everything you own.
  4. Connect more deeply to what really matters – By doing an activity with your own hands, you become more connected to the simple things in life that can make you happier. Industrialization has robbed the human being of this need to multi-task, and consequently to not be so dependent on what is commercialized!



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