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Spinning Star Table Quilt


Hello my dears, this is Mommy, and we are here again to present a beautiful pattern for you, yes we are very excited about this new year and we always want to bring the best to you. Let’s go? Artisan work with fabrics is something that has been done for a long time, since antiquity, when the first craftsmen began to join pieces of fabric with lines to produce clothes more sophisticated for the time and they improved every day. And among these techniques that have arisen for a long time we can highlight the reuse of the fabric flaps, which was made between the union of the remains of the fabrics for the production of beautiful handmade pieces.


This knitting technique is known as the patchwork and can produce various types of crafts; and today we will know this beautiful pattern called Spinning Star Table Quilting:The good thing about this craft is that you can produce beautiful patchwork quilts for yourself that can later be sold as a great source of extra income and even living on that income. Leave for you tips to assemble this beautiful quilt, check out this tutorial below standardize.These stratified tabletop stars are so exciting. As you discover a new design, it only encourages you to create one right away.


The unlimited fabric options make this a perfect stash buster. Use batiks, solid, floral… any choice of fabric looks simply amazing with these toppers. It’s fun to pick the fabric for the strips.Use four, five and even seven different fabrics. This design is fairly easy to build despite its complex appearance. Once you’ve started, you may find yourself making a topper for every season! The size of the top can be easily changed by simply adjusting the number of strips used or by making the strips wider or narrower.

Just keep the strips at the same width so they line up properly after being cut into triangular shapes.If you do not already have a triangular ruler (use Fons rule and Easy Diagonal Porter rule), a square will work the same way. Make the point and use the ribbon to mark the dimension on the ruler, so that it is easy to align and cut just the right size and create the illusion that the rotating star block is actually spinning! All that is needed is a careful combination of square and square triangles.

Sew multiple spinning star blocks into coordinating fabrics to make a quilt, or mix and match this block with others like the Ohio Quilt Stars Pack or the Friendship Package for a Sample Quilt!Be surprised and surprise others! Make this quilt incredible!We hope you have enjoyed this wonderful article, we particularly like it very much, we will always bring news for you, with many good things, and beautiful patterns, stay tuned here. See you next time. Kisses from Mommy.



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