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Did you know that using colors in your home decor can have a healing effect both physically and emotionally? If not, you should know that the relationship even has a name: chromotherapy. Therefore, those who think that decoration is limited to selecting objects to compose a scene are mistaken. To decorate an environment is to invest in the well-being of the people who will occupy that space. And the effect of color in decoration plays a very important role in this scene. This is because they can transmit different energy vibrations if used correctly. In addition, color has the ability to alter the perception of space. Thus, it is also possible to interfere with the dimensions of the room, making it appear larger or smaller than it actually is.

By now you can see that it is important not to underestimate the power of color in decorating. So, if you want to learn how to use this element to decorate your home, read on! Take pen and paper and write down these tips. Because today, we’re going to reveal everything you need to know to use, choose, and combine colors in your home decor. How to use colors in decoration? Now that we know about the influence of colors in decoration, the question is: how to use them in a simple way? 

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The truth is that the solution to this problem may be much easier than it seems. This is because colors can be included in practically everything that exists. The secret is to know how to combine colors in decoration. So, the first steps to start using colors in decorating are:

  • Choose the room that will be decorated;
  • Identify the functionality of the space;
  • Understand what sensations you expect from that environment;
  • List your favorite colors and the feelings they bring;
  • Choose a pattern of combination.
  • Next, simply choose where to apply the colors. It can be on pillow covers, a living room rug, plants, focal points, or even paintings. The important thing is to complement the scene.

For this, you can even base yourself on the colors that are more difficult to be changed, such as the floor or the coating. Thus, if they are neutral tones, the decorative objects can have more intense colors. In this context, it is worth betting on bolder furniture or a curtain that is ideal to highlight the chosen color and bring more life to the environment.


How do colors influence the decoration of the house? There is an ancient Chinese philosophy called Feng Shui that talks about the influence of colors on decoration. According to it, all the tones have a different type of energy when they are inserted in an environment. In addition, the Chinese always looked for the best possible space to live in. They also believed that they would have a prosperous and balanced life if they chose the right place. And colors, of course, played a big role in this. It is true that today we live in very different days. But it is still possible to use colors in decoration in a way that makes the environment as pleasant as possible to stay in. So stay tuned for the next few lines. Here are some very important tips about the influence of colors in decorating a space.



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