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3D Pinwheel Tutorial Quilt Pattern


Hello my beloved ones, what a joy it is to have you here with us again. It is wonderful to be here and put one more pattern for you. Today we are going to talk about a beautiful pattern. Its name is 3D Pinwheel Tutorial Quilt Pattern.The windmill is a toy that imitates the windmill technique, by harnessing the force of the wind to make its ‘quills’ turn. The oldest record of the use of windmills dates back to 915 B. C. Employed were found in Persia, where Iran is located today, on the Asian continent. on the Asian continent. But there are undocumented indications of the use of windmills in even earlier times in Iraq, Egypt, and China. Around the 12th century century, they spread throughout Europe.

By this time, they already had a horizontal axis and had four large blades placed in the shape of a cross. Their main function, once again, was milling grain. In Holland, the mills were widely used in the drying of wetlands. drying flooded land. Other applications were the extraction of oil from nuts and grains, the processing old cloths into paper, and preparing colored powders to make dyes.
The windmill, thanks to the action of the wind, turns a wheel of blades on top of its spinning, and this spinning motion can produce something.


Decorating with quilting – check, just decorating – becomes immediately easy when you have a stock of table runners and quilted mantels ready. The atmosphere feels a little out of the ordinary. Looking forward to celebrating a change of season? Drape a small quilt over a side table to quickly signal the time of year. Lacking a focal point in the living room? Place a narrow quilt over the mantel to create drama.Fun to make, easy to store, and a pleasure to use.3D Pinwheel Tutorial - Geta's Quilting Studio

This quilt you will learn today is perfect for a nice day of rest or even to decorate and brighten your day and your environment. Sometimes we look at beautiful works and we think it’s a very difficult thing, but everything we take to do with love, attention, dedication and a lot of affection, everything comes out perfectly and easily.


In the case of this beautiful pattern today, you can only use two colors or you can choose to use up to more than four colors, it all depends on the environment in which you will leave your beautiful bedspread.If you have enough scraps, think carefully, use your creativity and use them you will have an incredible result, besides that you will also save a lot on your material.This pattern is not only a lot of fun, it is beautiful. You can follow the tutorial below and you will have a wonderful result in the end. A beautiful pattern for you. Thank you very much for visiting and until next time, a kiss from Mommy.

PATTERN HERE3D Pinwheel Tutorial - Geta's Quilting Studio

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