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Umbrella Dance Quilt


How to Combine Patterns? The Crafts Mommy will help you with that! Do you know how to combine prints in order to enhance your room’s decoration? The prints help to break the monotony bringing more relaxation and dynamics to the rooms. It is common that there are many doubts when the subject is to incorporate patterns to the decoration. However, with a little planning it is possible to explore this style in order to create an elegant and harmonious environment. The wide variety of models and styles of patterns available is one of the main advantages associated with the use of these elements in decoration.

Effect of Patterns on Decoration – When well worked out, patterns are an addition to the aesthetic appeal of rooms of all styles. As combining prints on furniture and decorative objects is an effective way to incorporate and explore colors, effects, textures, shapes, and contrasts in the composition of spaces, they make the environments more dynamic and inviting.How to Combine Prints: Prints have always been present both in the world of fashion and interior design. They can be found on accessories such as pillows, curtains, rugs, tablecloths, bedclothes, and more. Printed furniture is also in fashion, because it enhances the decoration and brings more joy to the rooms.


Whether you want to improve the decoration of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even your balcony, learning how to combine prints is much simpler with the basic tips and suggestions we have selected to help you!Start by defining a main pattern. Starting with the predominant pattern, choose the other motifs to complement the main pattern. Consider stripes as neutrals: they go with any type of pattern; one of the key aspects of combining patterns is the variation in sizes or scales. A good alternative is to vary the scales of the patterns in gradation from small to large.Umbrella Dance Quilt Kit – Cow and Giraffe

Patterns with varied scales harmonize better with each other. They can be the same pattern in different sizes, or similar patterns with common colors. A solid color fabric helps to create a more harmonious pattern for the print combination. Often, prints that do not look good next to each other, can harmonize if there is a plain piece between them; Bet on color variations of the same print; Explore textures in your print combination, but without exaggeration. Incorporate textures in the pieces, such as pillows, for example, in order to make the combination of prints more interesting!


How to Combine Prints in the Bedroom? The same tricks for combining prints in the living room apply to the bedroom. Usually floral patterns go well with Provencal and romantic decorations, while geometric patterns with more defined lines harmonize perfectly with the modern or minimalist style. It is even possible to mix the two types of patterns and create an interesting personalized decoration! How to Combine Patterns on Different Accessories?

Besides being able to make a mix of pillows, cushions, among others, and combine these accessories with patterned furniture, you can also explore how to combine prints between pillows and wallpaper, for example, or with frames decorated with patterns and even designed vases. How to Combine Patterns in the Living Room? In addition to these tips, count on your common sense when deciding how to combine prints. Bet on two or three geometric prints, more straight lines, combined with floral motifs, with more organic designs. An important point is to establish a color connection: it is always better and more harmonious when there is a common color in the prints.



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