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Twisted Star Quilt Pattern


Hello my beloveds here who is talking is Mommy, once again it is a joy to be able to talk to you and present this new pattern. Have you ever participated in a quilt show? Everyone can participate, it is very nice this moment because you see many beautiful things and also many different patterns, sometimes you may have some that you have never seen. If one day you have the opportunity to go to a place that has a quilt show, go, I am sure you will not regret going.

For quilting, special threads are usually used in the tone of the fabric or with colors that contrast with that of the fabric.Always remember to tie the end of your thread before you pass it through the first layer of fabric. Always sew the three parts of the quilt with the front, the lining and the quilting. Always sew from the center to the edges of the work, you can do a few stitches one at a time before pulling the thread through. There are many people who prefer to leave the needle on the wrong side of the work and push up again, doing one stitch at a time.


You can do your quilting work using special quilting sewing machines that will greatly help your work come out faster and more evenly.There are two models of quilting machines, for straight quilting the Walking-Foot and for free quilting the Big-Foot. You can use a machine that uses the foot or not, both will make your job easier.In my opinion, this quilt is a lot of fun because of its designer look like a windbreaker. I think they will like the result they will get in the end. Twisted Star Quilt Pattern ( PDF FREE) | Star quilt patterns, Quilt patterns, Book quilt

We have to always be practicing our crafts to get more practice and confidence in what we are doing and also with more practice we can make more patterns of other levels. We should always go beyond the basic patterns to make some more advanced ones to evaluate our skills.This pattern that I bring you today is called Twisted Star, it is a pattern with a very interesting and very beautiful designer. In the picture above I left a model of what one looked like, and I was delighted with it because it was really very beautiful and charming.


The way this pattern is made leaves the appearance of a blend or weather vane because of the curves. This pattern is very free, you can use whatever colors you want that match your decor. You can also make colors as they are in the pictures I left here as a model, making the pattern with various colors, colored so as to make the environment more cheerful and pleasant so that you do not have to combine any colors.

It’s super amazing that.I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved this pattern, because it is a very cheerful and fun pattern to make. The instructions are just below the link that allows you to find the free step-by-step pdf. Enjoy and make beautiful pieces, and this pattern I saw at exhibitions. Good work everyone and enjoy this experience.Thanks for being here with us, we leave here the step by step for this pattern!

Twisted Star Quilt – Crafts Patterns
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