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The “Connected” Big Square Cushion Crochet


Welcome to Crafts of the Mommy ! The Big Square Cushion “Connected” with beautiful colors and an amazing and delicate pattern besides being simple is very beautiful, it is very worth it. In decoration, it plays a very important role and manages to bring harmony to the house in an incredible way, crochet pieces have this power. They must be chosen according to the environment where they will be and must have a defined number of pieces.

Many think they just complete the decor when in fact their importance is much greater than that. This piece shared here has a very classic and light air so it can be used in any type of decoration, being a perfect job and that helps a lot.The good thing about pillows is that you don’t have to spend a lot to buy new pillows. To make your home beautiful, cozy and cheerful, they are perfect and the best you can do with your own special touch.


In addition to having the power to please everyone, there are pillows of all types, styles, sizes, shapes and colors.The color palette in decor is an effective way to select the ideal colors for the rooms of a home and is based on the principles of the color wheel, which is a simplified representation of the 12 main colors that the human eye can distinguish. The importance of the color palette within the decor is to make a harmonious environment, so selecting the wrong palette can produce an unwanted effect on interior design.

Colors and perception: Colors are widely used in interior design to cause different sensations in the users of a space. It is common, for example, to use warm and vibrant colors in fast food chain restaurants, since, in addition to whetting the appetite, these colors are so stimulating that they make us want to eat more. Another importance of the color palette in a decoration is related to the feeling of spaciousness of the rooms and the impression of greater or lesser brightness. This is because the colors reflect light at different intensities, where the lighter reflect more light and the darker less. For this reason, colors provoke our senses and interfere with our perception of environments.


Analogous color palette: In a chromatic circle, analogous are the colors that are next to each other, that is, those that have similar hues. This proximity between them makes them simpler to work and guarantee good results in various decoration projects. Here, you can select a palette consisting of only blues or only yellows, for example. The rule of thumb is to select colors that don’t contrast too much. Thus, it is interesting to choose a beautiful shade of green for a rug, a darker one for a sofa and a lighter green for an armchair that will accompany the set. This palette will lighten the environment and bring a feeling of harmony and comfort through the tones present in nature.

Complementary color palette: Complementary are colors that are located on the opposite side of each other in a chromatic circle and are very different shades. The harmony between greens and reds, yellows and violets and also between blues and oranges is the highlight. As it is a palette composed of contrasting colors, it is ideal for clean and contemporary environments, such as the living room. In this environment, bet on the use of striking decorative objects and contrast with a beautiful design armchair in the opposite tone or select a wall as a focal point.

Cool color palette: Cool colors have low frequency tones, that is, tones that soothe the eyes and convey a feeling of balance, freshness and tranquility. Greens, blues and violets are the colors that make up this palette and it is ideal for relaxing environments such as bedrooms, breakout rooms and spas. In the bedroom, a good choice would be a beautiful violet trousseau together with some purple decorations and a bluish gray for the walls. This palette will create the feeling of a warm and welcoming environment.

Warm color palette: Warm colors are those that have high frequency tones, that is, tones that are extremely stimulating to the eyes and give a feeling of excitement, warmth and excitement. Yellows, oranges and reds are the colors that make up this palette as they refer to a sunny summer day. Because they are stimulating colors, this is a palette that matches environments that require more activity, such as kitchens, gyms and game rooms. An interesting way to use this color trend in the kitchen is to opt for yellow cabinets, a beautiful natural stone countertop and tiles with orange accents — all with a white and neutral base to harmonize. This will make the room have a great touch of personality and style.  A kiss from Mom until next time!



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