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Like A Fox Crochet Blanket


Hello my beloveds, this is Mommy. What a joy to talk to you and bring another crochet pattern to our blog and to you., the amazing world of crochet! It’s amazing how crochet makes everything better, and can be passed from generation to generation, made between friends! We have to agree that the foxes, besides being beautiful, are super cute and why not make a blanket like a fox?! Being a perfect baby blanket that features a fun fox hood for maximum comfort and fun. This hooded blanket is great for all levels, including beginners in crochet, as it is easily made with Bernat Softee Chunky yarn with basic crochet stitches.

With a fox face on the hood and adorable little ears, this cozy baby blanket will be next to your child to sleep and play, but of course the fun can be double me, make one for yourself too and have fun with your little one! Keep your child warm all the time with this fun Bernat pattern, and this baby blanket also makes a unique baby shower for any forest-themed nursery! Ready for a new challenge? Good luck, have fun! Foxes are animals belonging to the Family Canidae, as are dogs, wolves, jackals, coyotes, and mabouts.


All of these animals, usually medium-sized, can live either solitary or in groups, the latter being generally a habit of those of larger size. Canids, considered the oldest carnivores on the planet, have long tails, non-retractable claws, long legs, and a keen sense of hearing and smell, which helps them hunt. However, in cases of scarcity, they are able to feed on vegetables. As for the environment in which they are found, it is quite variable: from very cold regions, as is the case of the Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus), to deserts. There are 23 fox species in the world, distributed in the genera Alopex, Cerdocyon, Dusicyon, Otocyon, Pseudalopex, Urocyon and Vulpes.

The Fox is an animal native to the Northern Hemisphere, but is nevertheless part of the culture of the Southern Hemisphere, especially because of its symbolism. It is considered one of the most beautiful animals in existence. Its intriguing habits have made it a symbol of cunning, cleverness and, on the other hand, loneliness. The fox was already well known in literary works aimed at children.


However, the fox in Chinese and Japanese culture has been gaining strength, especially with the anime Naruto and the game League of Legends, which features the “Kyuubi”, or nine-tailed fox. In addition, the fox symbolism also appeared strongly in the movie Zootopia and, of course, there are numerous tattoos in which this beautiful animal appears. WHAT DOES FOX MEAN? The symbolism of the fox is very old and changes constantly, according to the culture in which it is established.

Among the indigenous people of the Northern Hemisphere, for example, the meaning of the fox was believed to be one of nobility and calmness, on the plains the animal was seen as a cunning, unpredictable and treacherous animal. The fox is commonly related to the element of fire: for the Apache, the fox was responsible for delivering fire to humans. Because of the intelligence and insight of the wild fox, whatever the symbolism of the fox, positive or negative, it will always be represented as one of the most intelligent animals in nature. WHAT IS THE SYMBOLISM OF THE FOX IN CHINESE AND JAPANESE CULTURE? The fox in Chinese and Japanese culture is directly related to women, because of its cunning, instinctive, and unpredictable nature.

Witches and hysterical women take the form of the fox. The animal can also symbolize the duality of human consciousness and ghosts. In Japan, the fox is a symbol of fertility, accompanying the goddess of abundance, Inari. Because of this, it is common for commercial establishments to have an image of a fox as protection. Let’s take a step by step in PDF below, learn and create this beautiful pattern from Like A Fox Crochet Blanket and we will also make the free pdf available for download below.


Bernat Like A Fox Blanket | Yarnspirations

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