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Fancy Parlor Quilt


Hello my beloveds, this is Mommy. What a joy to talk to you and bring another quilt pattern to our blog and to you. THIS LOVELY QUILT IS PERFECT FOR FAT ROOMS, CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE COLORS TO MAKE YOURS! A beautiful combination of more rustic prints is simply wonderful on this beautiful bedspread. We love the colors and styles of fabric chosen by the designer. Brighter and more modern prints will be striking in this quilt, as well as reproductions of the 1930s and primitive fabrics from the Civil War era. Choose a collection of fat quarters you love and start from there. The finished quilt, designed by Lisa Jo Girodat for Moda Bake Shop, is 75 x 75 inches. Adjust the number of blocks to change the final size.


Do you know the importance of colors?

Colors are elements present in our lives in different ways, appearing in clothes, environments, food, and in many other things, such as, for example, in the treatment of diseases, as each one has a vibration that affects the body and the mind, activating human glands and body functions, strengthening the immune system. Historical records indicate that colors began to be used by our first ancestors to attract hunting, passing over the years to have a greater role in cultures and religions, such as India and China, whose application takes place in the form of energies, or in West, where religions used clothing coloring to define Christian hierarchies.


The oldest student of colors was the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who included them among the properties of objects, a theory contested by da Vinci, who claimed to be properties of light, but it was the English physicist Isaac Newton who presented the experiments that revolutionized the concepts of the light and the colors. Later the theoretical concepts were applied and the studies turned to the psychological aspects, not only for the ability to be seen, but also for the emotion it provokes and the symbology and ability to build an idea.

The correct use of colors is an important ally for the balance of environments and those who inhabit them, generating well-being, which raises self-esteem and reduces stress, in addition to facilitating communication and increasing productivity, eliminating anxiety, anguish and depression. From a physical point of view, the colors can influence the size and shape of the rooms, where the so-called “hot” colors (such as red and yellow) increase objects and the “cold” ones (such as blue and green) reduce the dimensions apparent from the objects.

Colors even influence the perception of time, as studies show that in environments with “hot” colors people underestimated the passage of time, the opposite occurring with those positioned in environments with “cold” colors, while hearing is affected by loud sounds, which make green colors more sensitive to the eyes than red. If we analyze the meanings of colors in terms of their meaning, we can generally interpret that red, which represents fire, is more useful in the master bedroom and kitchen, green and blue, which have a tendency to refresh and calm, suit the living room and bedrooms whose residents suffer from insomnia and stress, although their excessive use can lead to depression, especially in dark tones.

Yellow acts on the nervous system, which increases vitality, improving memory and mood, being suitable in corporate environments, although its excessive use can generate irritability, while violet is suitable for meditation, not recommended in large companies. areas. For these reasons, considering the importance of this element, it is recommended to order a project with application of chromotherapy, made by a specialized professional, who will prospect each environment, indicating the appropriate colors to achieve the desired goals.


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