Quilt Pattern

Salt Air Lattice Quilt


SHOW OFF BEAUTIFUL FABRIC IN THIS LAYER CAKE QUILT, IT’S EASY TO PIECE AND TO ADJUST THE SIZE! A novelty fabric inspired this beautiful quilt by Ruth from Ye Olde Sweatshop. Ten inch layer cake squares combined with white strips, as well as careful color placement, create the wonderful design. Any color combination and type of fabric will be wonderful in this quilt. It’s a great one for showing off fabric, especially larger scale prints. Play with placement to create a gradation of color as Ruth has.

Or choose a different arrangement for your version. The quilt was adapted from the “Salt Air Layer Cake” tutorial by Ashley of “Mommy by day Crafter by night”. Ashley’s quilt is just as appealing and show how nice the quilt is in a multi-color theme. Notice how the borders differ between the two quilts. Ruth added more blocks for a quilt that finished at 73″ x 81″. She used the Large Half Hexagon Ruler for 10 Inch Squares to cut pieces for the border.Salt Air Lattice Quilt – Crafts In The World


The effect of color in the residential environment – did you know that color plays an important role in our perception of the most diverse spaces in our home? That’s why painting a house is more than just choosing colors. This type of finish will directly interfere with your perception of the environment, comfort and even decoration. Therefore, it becomes an ally of the feeling of being at home.

This is because color is directly related to our earliest memory. Not only in material aspects, but also in social and cultural construction. Furthermore, colors can bring out details and provide an array of emotional or visual effects. So, when you want to expand a small space, you should bet on light colors. Also, when thinking about leaving a complex environment, you should bet on deeper tones.


Pregnancy is a very important and special moment in a woman’s life, she and her family await the birth of a new member. This is also a time of great emotion, important decisions and even indecisions, mainly because the future parents need to arrange everything for the baby’s arrival. This is exactly why it is common to have doubts from the choice of name to the dowry and color of the nursery! The last question is very important because although many people don’t realize it, each color represents a meaning and can explain the desire and personality of parents for their children.

WHEN TO PAINT THE BABY’S ROOM – This is one of the main questions that parents have: how much time in advance is it recommended to paint the baby’s room? The doubt is entirely plausible, since the baby should not be taken to sleep in a room that smells of fresh paint, after all, it can cause serious breathing problems, in addition to allergies. Therefore, choosing paint for baby’s room requires a lot of attention. Painting needs to be done in the second trimester of pregnancy or up to two months before delivery.

This will prevent the newborn from arriving and having contact with the odor of the product. And, although anxiety is great, it is important to remember that pregnant women need to avoid painting with their own hands for two reasons: depending on the size of the baby’s room, it can be very exhausting to use the roller at risky times; because the smell of the paint itself can cause intoxication, even if it is water-based.



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