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Fat Eighth Fruit Cake Quilt


Do you already know the site?! If you still don’t know it and it’s your first time here, it’s important that you know that Crafts Mommy always keeps you up to date and teaches you the simplest way to make a pattern, you’ll be more and more passionate as you get to know it. The pieces! Simplification is one of the words that best defines the modern style that seeks to find comfort and style for an environment, the quilt has that power!

And when it comes to modern style, it means that we are talking about a style that has followed the evolution over the years, some aspects that better define this type of style and especially about types of furniture and decoration, layout and quantity of elements in the space , what really matters is the harmony in the environment. This world gives you total freedom to do what your creativity creates, so let your imagination run free.


Most people like to keep the decor simple and that is why they often feel that saying something in their home, feels that the environment is empty and lifeless and something normal, but we are lucky to have this incredible world of crafts. in our hands and as the bedspreads have been updated, it has been increasingly sought after and has become an essential piece in decorations. In today’s post, learn a new pattern and be open-minded to receive some ideas about this type of decoration, and the pattern is called Eighth Cake Fat Quilt and stands out for its designer. You need decorative key pieces, which are practical and useful, Quilt often has these two points that are extremely important, so it is worth investing in these works!

Meadowbrook : Fat Eighth Fruitcake Quilt

The bedspreads in the decoration have a very important role and being done correctly, with the right colors the piece can harmonize the house, making it complete even though it is a simple piece. This is a very important tip and is valid for all types of patterns, if the decoration in your house has more neutral tones, try making this piece with more vivid tones and the house is the other way around, do the same… the building does everything difference.


The size, colors, prints and fabrics must be chosen according to the environment where they will be. Before you start, leave everything you will need separately and think about the quantity you will make, so you buy the ideal quantity for your work and leaving all the material organized will facilitate the assembly of the piece, you can be sure! Save the tips and use when necessary!Why give so much importance to a simple statement ??

Let’s think a little, your house should look like you and represent your personality without words … right ?! so we must give importance and choose correctly the objects that we are going to compose and the quilts are always a great choice, as they can be made of any color, pattern and size and if this pattern does not please you, there are several options and for sure some will meet the your needs! The importance of colors now is that if we don’t choose the right one instead of leaving a home with delicate touches, your house becomes rude and ends up getting ugly, leaving the environment “heavy”. Have a great job, be focused and don’t give up, you will see that it is a great pass of time!


Shortcut Quilt: Fat Eighth Fruitcake - The Jolly Jabber Quilting Blog

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