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Diamond Jubilee Bargello Quilt


Hello my darlings and my dear ones, what a joy to be here once again together with you, Mommy talking here with you. Today we will see a new quilt pattern: Diamond Jubilee Bargello Quilt, to learn, practice and increase your range of knowledge and experience and prepare new designs. It is rewarding and always good to challenge ourselves, establishing new patterns and increasing the level of difficulty and improving our skills.

And for those who want to learn something new and different, we want to share this beautiful new pattern called Diamond Jubilee Bargello Quilt.Today we bring here one that we teach all that can be learned through this wonderful pattern. Let’s see how this amazing pattern will look.We are going to learn a pattern quilt called Diamond Jubilee Bargello, it is a very beautiful pattern, experienced quilter and has a design that gives a wonderful result to see looking like 3D pyramids.


Here you may want to use strong or light colors to make a beautiful quilt, you can also do tone on tone, or even mix colors like pink with black, blue with black whatever you prefer.The size of the quilt depends on how many squares you sew and the piece you are going to make.You can make a quilt, sofa blanket, baby blanket or you can even put it on the wall as decoration for your room or bedroom thus giving a personalized touch to your home or being a great gift; let your imagination flow, do what you think is best!This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 680beb4a2a45c0828a65eeaa48fedaf0.jpg

 Choose your fabric, the colors finally wash and iron all the pieces for better sewing, and get the job done.There are a lot of squares, so this pattern requires some time commitment. Before you start this pattern I suggest you take some time to choose the colors well, although this pattern is reserved for more classic and traditional colors nothing prevents you from going for something more modern, mixing colors and shapes.


This quilt pattern is beautiful for people who like to feel loved, because besides being charming and light, it speaks volumes about the person you want to give it to. Let’s go to the pattern then. We bet you’ll love making itWe have reserved here for you a step-by-step tutorial For this we will count on the help of a video that we are making available where you will learn in a practical way, the video is extremely didactic, perfect for you. It is very good to always want to learn more and here we will learn together.


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A kiss from Mommy, and see you next time.


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