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Hello my dears. This is Mommy. Crochet and knitting techniques allow us to make different creations… With a needle and thread in hand, we can produce whatever we want, all you need is creativity and (many) ideas! Decor and clothing items are already ‘trademarks’ of these techniques, but lately the manufacture of existing accessories and objects has stood out and has been very successful. It’s something different and innovative! And… Have you ever thought if some of these innovative ideas were ‘pieces of food’? That’s right!

The manual arts invaded the kitchen and left our mouths watering… The versatility of crochet is sensational! Everything you can imagine can be created with this technique. And crochet foods are an example of this. That’s right! With thread and needle in your hands and a lot of creativity, you’ll be able to reproduce fruits, vegetables, sweets, meats, sandwiches and much more!Crochet baby blanket – There are several styles of baby blankets, and for those who want to think about every detail of the layette, you can use the crochet blanket as an option, so the blanket can be made with the style and colors desired for the baby layette.


As an idea for a fluffy baby blanket, the idea here brings a model made from crochet square, which brings together two styles of squares to make all the work of the blanket. One of the square models is made of simple stitches and the other has stitches forming the face of a panda, so the squares are interspersed and create a crochet blanket with a panda print for the little babies. Another cute style of baby blanket is this version also in crochet square, but with a bear theme.

The model has a large central square and the edges composed of smaller squares, which give the shape to the crochet blanket, all made in shades of brown. The piece has a children’s theme through the crochet bear that decorates the large central square and matches the colors of the piece. In addition to the decorated models, it is also worth having in the trousseau a simple crochet blanket model, as is the case with this inspiration that brings soft colors. The baby blanket made of crochet brings stripes in soft tones composing the piece, leaving the item delicate.


The crochet blanket can be used in various environments, including as a blanket for the bed, as it brings this idea of ​​a piece to decorate the bed and bring a cozier air to the room. In this idea, the proposal was to make a blanket in gray string, which stands out over the white bed linen, and brings a modern touch to the handcrafted piece. The bed blanket model was made from crochet square, joining the squares that were made separately and forming the piece for the bed. Another idea for the crochet piece to decorate the bed is this model that brings handcrafted work with a modern touch due to the style of the stitches, which form a work with a chevron-style print.

The chevron print blanket is a zigzag style piece, which, in addition to being a current print, also brings a composition of modern colors, such as gray, yellow and white. In addition to the colored string options, the bed blanket can also follow a more artisanal proposal and made with raw string, as shown by the idea used in this room. The proposal here features a string blanket made from large squares that were joined side by side, forming the square crochet style with large squares. The squares that make up the blanket were made in raw string and with a central detail of colored string, which does not clash with the rest of the piece.


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