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Chromium Star Crochet Blanket


Hello my dears, this is Mommy, how are you? I hope you are enjoying our blog, and starting another week we are going to present to you one of the most beautiful patterns we have ever presented. The Chromium Star Crochet Blanket. This star-shaped pattern is beautiful for decorating cozy environments, and it’s also a lot of fun.While this star-shaped afghan boasts the usual parallel crochet stitches, a modified hdc2tog and adjacent dc stitches fill in the spaces normally made by chains in an increase and skipped stitches in a decrease.

The mhdc2tog and adc stitches may seem unconventional at first, but after a few repetitions of the pattern, you may find that you no longer need to reference the pattern.Star-shaped patterns are beautiful , as well as giving a fun feeling that the room or environment is safe. This type of pattern is extremely easy to make, so don’t be afraid to try, because often when you see a final pattern like this you get the feeling that it is complicated, when in fact it is not. For this particular pattern you can vary the colors and sequences to your liking.Ok.


There we will have all the materials available, colors, threads, and needles. You will be able to follow this sequence without error. The final result is stupendous. I bet you will love it. Another way to make this pattern is to follow the rows, something that for beginner crochet lovers is simple. But have no fear. We’ll give you the way to the complete step-by-step, okay. Here a little start of the step by step : Special Stitches Adjacent double crochet (adc)- yo, in previous st just made insert hook in bottom left front prong, yo and pl through prong, [yo and pl through 2 loops] twice.

Let’s demonstrate here some final shapes that you will love.To start the conversation, we have a nice step-by-step here, where you can access the pattern itself.Modified half double crochet two together (mhdc2tog)- yo, insert hook in next st, yo and pl through lp, sk 1 st, insert hook in next st, yo and pl through lp (4 lps on hook), yo and pl through all lps.To make hole-less starting rounds, use the magic loop technique.


For you to be able to make a pattern like this, first you need to be like us, a crochet lover, because we all know how important crochet is in our lives. Then you just have to have the will. This pattern will delight everyone in your home. And it also makes a beautiful gift.Come on, just go to the path below and you will have the step by step pattern. Good luck and good work. Until next time. A kiss from Mommy.


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