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Sea-glass Mosaic Quilt


Hello my dears. This is Mommy. What is quilting? Quilting is defined as the stitching that passes through the three layers of top, blanket and lining joining these three layers into a single finished product. SOFT COLORS IN THIS BEAUTIFUL QUILT, PLAY WITH THE COLORS OF YOUR OWN VERSION OF THIS BEAUTIFUL QUILT! A simple repeating block creates the intricate design of this intriguing quilt. Soft colors, like those found in small pieces of marine glass, make it sparkle. Start with a combination of fat quarters in the color theme you like best. Or go through your stock and pull out 10″ squares and coordinating fabrics that can be cut into 2 1/4″ strips. This is a great scrapbook project, so have fun putting the colors together. The finished bedspread, designed by Michelle Harris and found at APQS, is 62″ x 78″.

Who lives in a colorless environment? This is one of the richest features of interior design and architecture that can modulate an environment, leaving it with different characteristics. This is because the nuclei stimulate people physiologically and psychologically, having a unique importance in environmental projects. They are intended to change the dimensions and shapes of an environment and, with lighting, give life to the most diverse spaces. With this in mind, we highlight some important points for you to think about when building or renovating your house!

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How cores affect people Color brings life to a home. Therefore, when choosing the cores that will compose each environment, it is necessary to understand the architectural proposal well so that the tones make sense. You can, for example, invest in a colorful piece of furniture, paint one of the walls or compose it with a more vibrant object. Investing in textures or materials is also interesting. Textured walls can highlight a space, while the materials used in doors and windows, such as PVC frames, give a more refined finish to the environment. The important thing is that you know that as cores they bring more energy to the spaces, so it is necessary to think about what energy you want to put in that environment. See what each of them can “awake” in your home:

  • White: calm, peace and comfort. It is the ideal color for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area. Can be combined with all shades.
  • Blue: Has a calming effect and can be used in bedrooms and rest areas.
  • Yellow: recreation, fun, energy, creativity, prosperity, wealth. Too much can cause anxiety, nervousness and stress. This color was designed for environments such as the living room and dining room, making the environment more modern and stylish.
  • Red: Intense emotional, increases metabolism, breathing and blood pressure. As a vibrant color, it can induce and stimulate appetite.
  • Purple: sensitivity, spirituality, good taste and sophistication. It brings tranquility and relaxation. Can be used in children’s rooms as it helps to develop
  • Orange: represents determination, attraction, success, enthusiasm, creativity and communication. Ideal for places where the objective is to have deconcentration.
  • Black: modernity, sophistication, elegance. In the environment, it creates a sense of perspective and depth. In excess, it can make the environment heavy.
  • Brown: coziness, security, calm, nature, rusticity.
  • Gray: expresses neutrality and reserve.
  • Green: is a color that conveys balance, being suitable for any environment, especially as a complement to plants and gardens.
  • Pink: purity and affection are the sensations stimulated by this color.

Hence it is named for rooms and hallways.



Free quilt pattern: Sea-glass Mosaic | APQS

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