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Crochet Granny Afghan With a Twisted Fringe Tutorial


Looking for a fun and rewarding project to start? Creating a granny crochet afghan with a twisted fringe is just the thing! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make this stunning blanket, giving you the perfect addition to your home décor.

Gather Your Supplies.
Before you can start creating your granny crochet afghan with a twisted fringe, you’ll need to gather all the supplies you’ll need. These include yarn colors that match your intended color scheme and size G (4.00 mm) crochet hook. You will also need a measuring tape, scissors or yarn snips, and stitch markers or paper clips. Have these items gathered together, so they are easily accessible when you begin crocheting.


Chain the Starting Stitch and Make the Granny Squares.
Once you have all your supplies, begin by chaining the starting stitch. The total number of beginning chains should equal a multiple of three plus two (3 + 2). Next, make a Granny Square in each chain. Begin with 3 double crochets (DC), forming the first corner. For the second corner, make two double crochets, create a chain one (CH 1) then make two more DCs and CH 1 once again. Repeat these steps for each corner until you have four completed corners and a granny square is made.
Once you have finished all the granny squares, attach them together by slip stitching and chaining until they are all connected. Next, make a twisted fringe for each corner of the afghan. Begin each one by sliding a crochet hook through the corner stitch. Wrap three strands of yarn around the hook and pull them through the stitch. After pulling them through, then slide the loop off the hook and tie a knot at the bottom of the fringe. Pull tight and trim up with scissors to complete.


Join the Squares With a Single Crochet Stitch.
To join the squares together make one single crochet (SC) into the CH 1 space of each square. When you have connected all of the squares, CH 3 and then work in a half double crochet (HDC) stitch into each SC stitch that was used to connect the squares. Work HDC until you reach the start point then make one extra to complete the round before slipping stitch and cutting yarn.


Create a Twisted Fringe and Knot It Securely Into Place.
Separate your yarn into three strands and cut them to the desired length. Take two strands, twist them together clockwise until they form one long twisted strand. Wrap the third strand around the twisted strands by looping it under twice before pulling tight. Knot securely then separate and tie off each individual end with a half-knot before weaving them in neatly.

Finally, Cut the Extra Threads to Finish the Afghan!
Finally, to complete your beautiful granny crochet afghan with a twisted fringe, take your scissors and carefully cut away any excess thread that is sticking out from between the ends of the fringe. This will give your blanket a more professional finished look and prevent accidental snagging while in use. Now you’ll have a stunning new handmade afghan to snuggle up with!

Begin by separating a single thread from the end of each granny rectangle and gently twisting it into a loose coil. Carefully clip the loops at either end to create a fringe that goes around the entire edge of the blanket. This will add an extra textured detail and help make your afghan look even more unique. Once you have all of your individual fringes ready, simply tie them together in two’s with knots for a braided effect. Trim any uneven or excessively long pieces of thread, then fluff out your newly-created twisted fringe to complete your blanket.


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