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One a Day Crochet Hexagon Temperature Blanket

Hello my beloveds, this is Mommy. What a joy to talk to you and bring another crochet pattern to our blog and to you. Colors play a fundamental role in our actions and emotions, having a great influence on our lives. In architecture, color is not just something decorative, but an architectural element, which determines the way we relate to environments. Often its influence of color goes unnoticed by our conscious, however, our subconscious absorbs and manages to capture all the smallest details that are transmitted by the colors of the environment in which we find ourselves. The color of a certain location can change our actions, our emotions, our mood, our energy and so on. Warm colors bring us to a happier state, with more positive energy, and cool colors bring us to a relaxed and calm state. An example for the use of cooler cores are the bedrooms, as they are environments that we use to sleep, relax and feel comfortable, so the hotter cores should be avoided, giving preference to soft cores. But of course, it all depends on each personality, just so you can identify the correct color to use To get an idea of ​​the influence of a color, let’s use red as an example. One a Day Crochet Hexagon Temperature Blanket – Crafts of the Mommy When we use this color in excess in a certain environment, it can provoke nervousness and leave the individual in a state of excitement, however, when we combine it with other nuclei in a balanced way, we can have an elegant environment that stimulates the sensation of heat. Another example is the color yellow, who never told a teacher to say, “look at the yellow to remember.”, That’s because this color stimulates mental activities, improving reasoning, in addition to stimulating communication and as an emotion. Knowing that colors play a fundamental role in every environment, whether residential or commercial, correct use can bring several benefits. Therefore, for each purpose a specific color. Knowing the correct color to choose is only possible after a series of analyzes and in-depth knowledge in the study of the influence of each color to be used.

Check out the meanings of some cores:

  • Red: It is warm, alive, aggressive, sensual, stimulates the instincts.
  • Blue: It is a highly calming tone. It leads to deep introspection and is ideal for environments where people want to relax such as bedrooms, relaxation rooms and clinic. Violet – It is a precious, luxurious color that can be used without restrictions, both in bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Orange: It has the luminosity of yellow and excitement of red. Represents prosperity. It brings warmth, people who enter an environment with orange tones tend to feel welcomed.
  • Yellow: Radiates light, brightness, warmth, life, joy, wealth. It is excellent for environments where intellectual activities will be developed, such as study rooms and offices.
  • Green: Green is calm, balance like emotions. It is the color that least fatigues the eyes, it is the balance between the heat and movement of yellow and the static and coldness of blue. It can be explored in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
Crochet pieces are wild in decoration and can be used in any room in the house. Next, we’ll show you how to use crafts in every corner of the house to make them more charming and with that delicious feeling of coziness. Considered as a timeless item, crochet decoration can warm up the winter, add textures to environments, renew the look of a piece of furniture, or simply give a retro touch to the space.


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