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Cat Stairway to Heaven Quilt


Hello, how nice to chat with you once again here, it is always gratifying to be able to expose creative patterns and designers, willing to put their best foot forward. Today we are here to bring you a special pattern, and it really is beautiful, its name is “Cat Stairway to Heaven” . This “Cat Stairway to Heaven Quilt” designed by Barbara Dubovsky of McCall’s Quilting. It will simply add a special charm to your home. Especially for cat lovers.And why make a pattern with pictures of kittens? Because we simply love domestic kittens.

No wonder that even people who don’t have a kitten at home don’t melt when they see a photo or video of them on the Internet. These animals, besides being beautiful, are amazing companions. But why do we love cats? You will always have a companion, even for brushing your teeth.Cats love to follow their owners everywhere, and when it comes to the bathroom, they like to climb up on the sink and play on the faucet, which prevents the animals from being afraid of water, as is often portrayed in cartoons.Yes, we love the cute kittens, don’t we? That is why this quilt is totally inspired by them. And how to make a quilt like this?Wendy's Quiltfolio: #10 Stairway to Cat Heaven


We will here pass to you a special step by step, in it you will be able to make this wonderful quilt, and give as a gift to those you love, or you can use in your home. This pattern is amazing, don’t forget that all the patterns here are from incredible authors and designers, so value their work.One last curiosity about kittens is to never sleep alone again! Felines love the coziness of the bed, even more if it is next to the owner.

This also helps to strengthen your relationship of trust and affection with your pet. Don’t want to sleep alone? Adopt a cat! And we bet your kitties will love this tribute quilt. Beautiful, right?And we bet your kitties will love this tribute quilt. Beautiful, right? So let’s get to work and make this beautiful pattern to decorate your home, we love kittens too.Now it’s up to you, here below we have the step by step, put your heart into this quilt and make it with lots of love, a quilt made with love is always special, and we are sure that you always put love in each piece. A kiss from Mommy until next time.



Cat Stairway to Heaven Quilt Free Pattern

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