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Hello my beloveds, this is Mommy speaking, what a joy to have you here with us again. Every moment, our blog arrives full of wonderful news for you, isn’t that fantastical? Yes, amazing and incredible. Today we bring you a quilt and a rainbow pattern that will leave your jaw dropped. We love quilts in our rainbow colors because they magically portray our dreams.But what about quilting, are you in the know?

Let’s talk about it too?There are a thousand ways to do quilting, and you can do it in a very creative and fun way. There are a thousand ways to do quilting, so the tips here are for you to start to loosen up and extract everything you need without getting frustrated, because with practice you will advance little by little.Quilting is also a way to create pieces with special designs and textures, using patterns and inspiring references.


What is quilting?
Quilting is a sewing layer, in which you need to make a kind of sandwich with pieces of fabric to create a multi-layered quilted product. It is possible to do different types of quilting, especially in patchwork.Some of these types are, free quilting, straight quilting, hand quilting, feather quilting, and others. Quilting can be done with knots distributed throughout the piece, for example, without the need for an actual seam.

Quilting, on the other hand, is a requirement in contests, for example, because it is the fundamental technique for differentiating a mediocre piece from something incredible.So, it is worth saying that in practice all quilting is a quilt, but the inverse is not always the case.


About the Bragello Quilt : These bold, rainbow creations are certainly beautiful, but many quilters also assume they are quite difficult to make. Surprise: they are really easy. You can (and should!) make one. By definition, a bargello quilt is one made of strips of fabric sewn together to create the appearance of movement. These patterns look complicated, but they are actually a good fit for beginning quilters. If you can sew a straight seam, you can do it! Although the look of the finished quilt is full of curves and waves, there are no curved pieces in this technique. Magical, right? Come on here we will provide a step by step for you to make this beautiful quilt, and several other patterns. And long live the rainbow, long live the quilt, a kiss from Mommy until next time.


Quilting Land: Rainbow Bargello Jelly Roll Quilt

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