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After buying our new house or apartment, all we want to do is make the spaces look just like us, isn’t that right? There are many rooms to think about and introduce a nice decoration. But all this takes time and money, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money to make your house look the way you want it to. That’s why we have put together some foolproof tips for you to make your home impeccable. Come see what we have prepared! I’ve moved in, now what? You’ve just moved in and don’t know how to fix up your home the way you want it? Calm down! Everything in its own time. List your priorities.

Some furniture and accessories are indispensable for our daily life. So our tip is to make a list of priorities for the first investment. As the priority items are bought, start stipulating the decoration items that you like the most. Choose your favorite style and mold your home according to your preferences! Know how to invest time and money: Time and money are two allies that go together, so set aside and invest all the money you think you need. Remember that decoration items can be purchased over time, so don’t despair. Little by little you can complement the home according to your needs, choices, and desires.


Don’t be afraid to imprint your personality – Besides time and money, another crucial point when decorating is to imprint your personality. Your style needs and should be in every room and decoration item. Include your personality in your home and be surprised with the final result. Invest in the right choices. Finally, making the right choices comes down to your personal organization, both in terms of investment and time. Little by little you will mold your home and everything will be according to what you want. Go for it! Your new home may be closer than you think.

It is said that the art of crochet has its origins in prehistoric times, it is not known how it came about, but it is said that the technique originated in France and over time was extended to other countries until it became a world of handmade symbols everywhere . In other words, the technology is really old and part of different national cultures. Crochet is an entirely manual technique that has been passed down from generation to generation. Those who do this work need skill and patience to develop crafts made only with thread and needle.


Many times, those who practice handicrafts learn from their grandmothers, mothers, or take professional courses. Considered a timeless item, crochet in decoration can warm up the winters, add texture to an environment, update the look of a piece of furniture, or even give a vintage touch to a space. Crochet is handmade and its handcrafted features are perfect for ensuring a more personal, comfortable, and charming decoration. In addition to these features, you may have memories of the crocheted tablecloths that used to charm your grandmother’s house, and therefore want to relive this memory in your decoration.

Crochet in decoration is a delight! It has embellished the homes of several generations, and continues to be a trend in interiors. It’s not just that crochet has become a big trend now. This handmade, completely manual technique, which originated in France, has been seen as part of home decoration for many years, and is considered a therapeutic activity by those who work it, requiring a lot of skill and patience. From generation to generation, crochet will never become obsolete because it is timeless and because it is so easy to adapt to the present. If used creatively, it can warm up in winter, add color and texture to a room, add a personal touch to the modern, be part of a more minimalist option, or refresh dull furniture without losing the vintage vibe. And the comforts of grandma’s house. And it can be added in many ways: through a beautiful quilt on the bed, a blanket on the sofa, colorful pillows, a rustic scarf, a charming bench or armchair cover.


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