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Crochet Cat Bed Patterns


Looking for a way to show your favorite feline some extra love? Why not try making them the perfect cozy cat bed with one of these fun and easy crochet patterns? From beds shaped like fish or hearts to floating clouds, there are plenty of ideas that will make your kitty’s new bed purrfectly cute.

Simplest Ever Cat Bed Pattern.
This simple and sweet design uses just four pieces of yarn that you can assemble in no time. Simply begin with a large circle, then begin to crochet your way up the curved sides and create the opening at the top before looping around for the handle. Once you have all four sections completed, pop them together to craft this super easy and cozy cat bed. All you will need to create this cozy bed is some super chunky yarn, a 10mm crochet hook and your nimble fingers. This pattern works up quickly, making it the perfect weekend crafting project or an even faster way to spoil your cat with a new bed of their own. Once completed, it can be filled with toys and pillows to encourage playtime and those cute kitty snoozes we all love so much. Think of how proud your furry friend will be when you show them their new special space!


Handmade Mesh-Lined Cushion Haven
Complete with a crocheted cushion and a mesh pocket for extra storage space, this handmade cat bed is the perfect place for your four-legged friend to rest. It’s easy to crochet and works up quickly, too! To make this comfy and cozy cat bed, start by creating the base of the bed and then crochet up the sides until you have shaped it into a circular cushion. Finish off by stitching on an elastic mesh pocket around the outside of the circumference for added storage space or as a fun place for your cat’s toys!

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Crochet Cat Bed Patterns

The circular cushion is made with worsted weight yarn and doubles as a great place for small animals to sleep. The soft circumference of the cushion provides full support and comfort for your kitty, while the mesh pocket is spacious enough to store a few toys or small treats. This project works up quickly and is a great way to show your feline friend some love! Once finished, it will become an instant favorite among cats and they’ll be sure to curl into this cozy and comfy crocheted haven day after day.


To begin, you will need worsted weight yarn and a size G crochet hook. The circle portion of the cushion is worked in single crochet rounds and the mesh pocket is worked in triple crochet stitches. The inside of the cushion features a soft terry-cloth cushion, which adds an extra level of comfort but is not necessary if you prefer to just line the entire thing with yarn instead. Once it’s finished, your cat or small animal will have a comfy place to rest and relax!

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